The Idea

Quality in spirits is not necessarily a matter of industrially designed or hand crafted products. But it’s a matter of a creativity and complexity in the product which you can hardly find in a mass marketed spirits. This is not a battle of ages, line extensions or low alcohol versions. Or the start of a new discussion about the rigth definition of craft spirits. It’s a initiative for a different sense for spirits and the entire range of fantastic products – as a starter, digestif or just for a / ten drinks.

This swap of spirits is dedicated to all heart crafted products with the passion and curiosity of a distiller to set new limits and show personality. Now the intention is to share one product, which reflects passion, taste and uniqueness. No matter if it’s gin, whisky, a creamy liquor, your homemade moonshine, infusion or recipe from your grandfather …

It’s time to show the mass of fantastic craft spirits from all over the world – and the passion behind these products.

Participate in four steps!

  1. Participate: Fill out the form until November 29th, 2014. December 10th, 2014.
  2. The raffle will happen the same weekend. Until December 1st  14th 2014 you’ll receive an e-mail with the name of the person you’ll swap your preferred craft spirit with. The project is based on trust and we have to rely on you. If you enroll and don’t participate the entire project is worthless.
  3. Swap. Buy one bottle of a preferred craft spirit (minimum 500 ml) or fill one of your hand made spirits. Send it to the person with some information on the product until December 24th, 2014. You have questions on the craft spirit? Here you find some answers / guidelines.
  4. Enjoy and share: Craft spirit should be an experience and no one should ever drink alone. So, please share your passion and joy on this blog. And, if you share photos, tweets, blog posts, etc., please use the hashtag #craftspiritswap.



For all kinds of questions please contact me


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